Автомати за ски туризъм DIAMIR Eagle

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Автомати за ски туризъм DIAMIR Eagle

Ski tour buffs are optimally equipped with the Diamir Eagle 12 for the difficult conditions in high mountain terrain.
With this binding, you ski more naturally and safely than ever before. At the same time, optimum stability is provided.
The Diamir Eagle 12 is the binding for alpinists with the highest demands.
Optimum walking comfort
Optimum traction and stability
Excellent downhill properties
Simplest handling
DIN ISO certified safety standard for alpine ski bindings
A lightweight compared to its high performance
Perfect design
The better the technology of boot, binding and ski is synchronized, the better the system as a whole will work and the
better the specific functions and properties of each component will perform. For a defined safety release the functional
unit consisting of ski, boot and binding must be compatible. Manufacturers use the standards established by DIN/ISO
as a basis. These are also applied in the specialty shops where bindings are mounted and where release values are set
and checked for the users. The Technical Control Board TÜV tests bindings, boots and testing equipment for compliance
and function according to the DIN/ISO standards. If the requirements are met, TÜV will issue a certificate of compliance.
Defined safety release:
Defined safety release of a binding means that the boot is released under the effect of the force of the DIN value set
according to ISO 11088. On a downhill run, when the skis are generally bent, a defined release requires constant surface
pressure of the boot in any situation.
TÜV & DIN ISO-Norms:
Durable quality due to premium materials and meticulous workmanship: Diamir binding systems are TÜV certified and
fulfill the DIN ISO norms 13992 and 9462 for touring and alpine bindings, as well as for touring ski boots according to
DIN ISO 9523 alpine ski boots according to DIN ISO 5355. DIN ISO certified safety standard for alpine ski bindings,
above all for freeride skis boots with rubber soles
Wide-ranging hinge and heel support for direct power transmission For all touring and alpine ski boots according to DIN ISO
DIN: 4-12
Weight - 1760g pair (without brake)
Position Height - 39mm from the top edge of the ski
Sizes: ML: Boot sole length 285-340mm

Diamir Fritschi - Swiss


Diamir Fritschi

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