• Дамски ски обувки TECNICA Attiva Diablo Flame

Дамски ски обувки TECNICA Attiva Diablo Flame

  • Марка: Tecnica
  • Attiva Diablo Flame
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Дамски ски обувки TECNICA Attiva Diablo Flame

TWIN SUPPORT SYSTTEM. DUAL PIVOT SYSTEM - The proven patented Dual Pivot allows alignment in two dimensions, addressing performance, fit and comfort simultaneously. The axis alignment function allows the cuff to "hinge" or attach to the lower shell at different points. This enables the boot to hinge o­n a different axis increasing edge pressure efficiency for performance. The cuff alignment function adjusts to match the lateral angle of the cuff to the lower leg for fit and comfort. 
FLEX ADJUSTMENT - This tool free, effective flex adjustment offers a soft or hard setting at the turn of a knob. Turn the  dial towards "Flex" for a softer flex and towards "Lock" for a stiffer flex.
The A.V.S.®, Anti-Vibration System, utilizes bi-injected rubber inserts to filter and absorb shock waves. The reduction of vibration increases comfort and performance while reducing fatigue. The design also offers a non-slip function to the sole of the boot.
The cuff catch can be easily (tool free) moved to fit varying leg shapes. There are three different positions offering 27mm of adjustability. This unique Tecnica design increases the versatility and fit capabilities for various leg shapes.
DIABLO ALU buckles - Unique, low profile design. Resistant to impact and twisting. Micro-adjustable
SLIDING Lining Insert - A lycra lining insert in the back of the liner offers a smooth, slippery surface which allows the foot to easily slide in and out of the boot aiding entry and exit.
ATTIVA Scalloped Calf Design - Both the liners and spoilers feature a lower scallop design which allows versatility to fit various calf sizes.
F.I.T. System Tongue - Floating Integrated Tongue. The FIT system tongue is designed to move with the leg and shin while the boot is being flexed. The base of the tongue is attached to the liner with an elastic material that allows the whole tongue to slide. Contact is maintained between the shin and tongue, providing a precise and comfortable fit and reducing any uncomfortable pressure.
Tongue Handle Pull Strap - A tongue handle pull strap, found o­n all models, aids in the entry and exit of the boot, as well as making sure the tongue is correctly seated for additional comfort and performance.
ATTIVA Ultra Fit Liner:
Soft outside ethafoam conforms to the shell
THV material enlarged all around the foot
Thermoformable pre-molded EVA
Anatomic, soft, comfort footbed
Neoprene toe box
Twin Support Tongue
Heel Fit Lock
Outside Memory Foam
HEEL CRADLE - All Attiva models offer the ability to snap a heel wedge o­nto the bootboard for those female skiers who have difficulty keeping their hips forward. A 2.5 mm wedge comes with the boots and can be used or not. It will also act as a volume reducer for those needing added heel hold.
ATTIVA FOOTBED - The Attiva footbed is constructed with layers of softer materials that offer increased insulation and wicking. The result is enhanced warmth and comfort.

Tecnica - ITALY


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